Strain Review Cinderella 99

Strain Review: Cinderella 99 – Revealing an Enchanting High

Lineage: Princess (sativa & a phenotype of Jack Herer) x Shiva Skunk (indica).

Classification: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid.

Potency: 16-22%

Top Terps: Notably Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene, but exact percentages seem to vary by source – check your local dispensary for specifics.

Experience: Like sipping lemonade on the porch after the sun shines following a rain storm.

Effects: Cerebral and euphoric; generally uplifted.

Uses: Depression, anxiety, and stress, also fighting fatigue and lack of motivation.

Side effects: Paranoia, dry face (eyes & mouth).

The legendary Cinderella 99 may just be the strain your Fairy Godmother would bippity boppity boop into your grinder if you asked for something excellent. Sometimes called “C99,” “Cindy,” and “Cindy 99”, this sativa-dominant hybrid promises to whisk you away on a magical carriage ride into a world of creativity, energy, and sheer bliss. As the clock strikes 4:20, you’ll want to dive into the magic of Cinderella 99.

Let’s look at this strain a little more closely.


Cinderella 99 originates from the discovery of seeds within a 2-gram package of Sensi brand Jack Herer bought from an Amsterdam coffee shop by Rick Campanella, aka Mr. Soul. Particularly loved by indoor growers, C99’s draw comes from its compact, bushy stature, super short flowering period, majorly bountiful yields, and a high THC content.


Cracking open a bag of Cinderella 99, you’ll immediately be greeted by densely-packed, emerald-hued buds shimmering with trichomes and filled with resin. Each nug is a miniature work of art, complete with fiery orange pistils that hint at the radiant energy this strain will bring to your senses.
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Inhaling deeply, the smell of Cinderella 99 dances across your senses. A combination of citrusy tang and tropical sweetness intertwines with a subtle earthiness, creating an overall fragrance that’s as refreshing as it is enticing.


No matter how you choose to tackle Cinderella 99, you’ll be met with a symphony of flavors as you inhale. A tangy citrus burst (that’ll be the Limonene) laced with hints of pineapple and mango race across your taste buds, while undertones of spice (Myrcene) and pepper (Caryophyllene) add layers of complexity. It’s like smoking out of a juicy fruit salad at a picnic in the jungle.


The Cinderella 99 experience is where the magic truly happens. The cerebral high starts by unfurling like a scroll, awakening your mind and infusing you with a euphoria that’s as light as the champagne bubbles from Prince Charming’s glass. Your imagination will take flight, dancing between creativity and innovation. C99 sativa roots offer a clear-headed focus and a surge of energy, making tasks that once seemed boring become chances for artistic expression.

Medical Benefits

Cinderella 99 isn’t too good to be true – its benefits don’t end at midnight. This strain also possesses potent medicinal uses. For many, it’s been known to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress, potentially working to banish shadows from your mind. Additionally, its uplifting nature can offer a sense of relief for those fighting fatigue and lack of motivation.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that this strain is no ordinary bud – instead, it’s a magic wand wielded by an alluring fairy godmother. With its gorgeous appearance, delicious aroma, and spellbinding effects, Cinderella 99 stands as a testament to the wonders that cannabis can offer.

Whether you’re seeking a creative boost, a mood lift, or simply a taste of the extraordinary, this strain is ready to pull a Prince Charming and sweep you off your feet, into a world of high enchantment. Your happily ever after awaits in the delicate embrace of Cinderella 99.

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