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  1. I’m trying to talk to a doctor about the CBD oil how to take it and what kind of medications reacts badly with. for some reason I can’t get any information off your site about any of this I tried to look up doctors and none of the things on your side works or shows me how to find a doctor that will help me with this I had to fill out the form for medical marijuana use I don’t want medical marijuana use I would like to know about the CBD oil’s and how they interact with what I have do you have a Dr. in Georgia that does this sort of thing? I am 76 years old With cancer diabetes high blood pressure skin lesions and many other problems I just would like to know some information from the doctor about these things is there anyone in Alanna that you know that does this with CBD oil????

  2. You can use CBD with anything you’re currently taking. There aren’t any side affects from CBD. I know of a Doctor in Atlanta that you can get your medical marijuana card from.

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