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JP Toro has long been celebrated for his heady and pioneering contributions to the world of glass art, especially within the Cannabis community. His many creations, such as the Terp Slurper, have revolutionized how hash and concentrate enthusiasts experience their favorite strains, melding innovative function with unparalleled artistry.

The family-owned team is currently embarking on a new journey in Ithaca, as they open a licensed dispensary in their home state of New York. This exciting fusion of his glassblowing genius and passion for Cannabis aims to redefine the standard for Cannabis retail spaces. As the industry evolves and more states come online, figures like JP Toro are at the forefront – helping guide the way towards a more integrated, artistic and creative Cannabis experience.

In this exclusive Q&A, JP Toro and Wendy sit down with ADHDDEAD and share insights into their latest projects, vision for a unique dispensary experience, and the future of glass art in the Cannabis industry.

What inspired you to venture into the Cannabis retail sector?
Wendy: We had the opportunity to be among the first applicants under the NY CAURD program. Both JP and I were legacy growers since the ‘90s. A lot of our

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