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The Progress

Chris OFerrell shows mature canabis plants in one of the growing rooms at the Deep Roots production facility in Mesquite. PHOTO BY NICK YAMASHITA/The Progress

With 4/20 come and gone, Deep Roots in Mesquite celebrated with an open tour for the media showing the company’s innovative process as a standard for the cannabis industry.
“It is all about the quality of the product,” Senior Director of Cultivation Chris OFerrell said.

The tour began with the flowering rooms. This is where the process begins. The plants are divided up to two strains per room with pairings done according to whether the strains are able to be grown together.

“We have implemented top technological advances to help be more energy efficient and more top product in quicker time and less expense,” OFerrell said.

The spectrum of how far the science of cannabis production has come is constantly evolving, he explained. To keep up with the constant change Deep Roots has recently completed a $3 million investment and upgrades at its Mesquite facility.

OFerrell said the whole project began in early 2023 with full completion expected later this month. The process was divided into two phases and involved a

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