Zen and the Art of Cannabis Delivery

CANNABIS CULTURE – New York City cannabis couriers pedal on (despite the stumbling state).

With no progress made New York State’s framework for adult-use sales, its governor recently resigning due to sexual assault allegations, and the delta-variant making waves in the media, the message for legacy operators in New York is to keep providing cannabis to the people.

Jazzy picked up a job delivering cannabis on his bicycle at the start of the pandemic. “The job was always very coveted by the company I worked for. I remember them talking before the pandemic, and it was like if you were a new hire you had to fight to get shifts,” says Jazzy. “And then once the pandemic hit, a bunch of people left, and suddenly they were scrambling for riders and then they also shortened their hours.”

This put more strain on people who stayed with the company. “It was chaos,” says Jazzy. “People were buying like 16 eighths at once because they weren’t sure how long we were gonna be open, and we weren’t sure how long we were gonna be open.”

Jazzy went to graduate school in Southern California and moved to New York City in 2014

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