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Looking for the best dispensaries in Washington, but not sure where to start? Washington dispensaries are not open yet although are coming soon, with Botanical Sciences and Trulieve awarded cultivation licenses. With our near me map, you’ll be able to easily locate the closest dispensary to you as they open.

For access to medical marijuana in Washington for Low THC CBD, qualified patients have to have their Low-THC Oil Med Marijuana Card in Washington. Right now what this does is in essence decriminalizes the possession of a LOW THC, High CBD Cannabis Oil to card holders. It feels good to be free. Get Started Here Today!

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Cannabis Rules For Georgia Residents Only

Possession Limits for Medical Cannabis:

The total amount of low-THC oil that can be possessed is 20 fluid ounces as long as you have a Low-THC Oil Registry Card from the Georgia Department of Public Health. The THC oil must still be in a pharmaceutical container labeled as such by the manufacturer indicating the percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol.

You do not need a Georgia MedCard to buy hemp CBD oil or other products that do not contain THC. Shop for CBD online here with reputable brands based and sourced in the United States or at local CBD stores near you.

Is recreational adult use cannabis in GA allowed?

Recreational dispensaries in Washington will not be showing up any time soon. Right now, the state needs to get this medical program growing. Florida has a chance at recreational legalization, which would be the 1st state in the South. The federal government may propel this forward on a Nationwide level. Both of these happening may be catalysts for recreational marijuana in Washington.

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Qualify with a medical condition under state law:

There are several qualifying medical conditions that allow patients to get certified. Once certified, you will be able to possess low THC oil as well as shop at Washington dispensaries once they open.

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Visit with a certifying MedCard doctor:

There are several doctors the certify patients for cannabis oil in the state. To get certified, you will need to see a recommending doctor in person or online using MedCard telemedicine. After being approved, your medical marijuana card will be issued by the state. The GA MMJ Program does allow MedCard Telemedicine, which makes it much more convenient to get certified from home.

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