Veil OG Room Spray Smells Lovely, But Can It Handle the Dank?

CANNABIS CULTURE – Today I have the pleasure of testing out Veil OG the smell eliminating spray. A stimulating blend of Sweet Orange, Black pepper, and California Cedar. 

 There are many different sprays on the market, some promote holistic benefits others help control the smell of different orders.

The spray itself smells AMAZING! It’s the perfect kind spray to help invigorate you before yoga or just to even set a stimulating mood for the day but if you are looking to cover up the smell of that pre-work tokes then I would look somewhere else. 

I put this funky spray up to the test with a couple different experiments. My first little experiment was in the spare room in our house, the spare room doesn’t get use for much other then some light storage so it’s the perfect place to hot-box and then try out the spray. I got to work smoking out the spare room with some Pink X trying to smoke as much as I could to get the most amount of smoke and smell. After about 30 minutes I emerged from my smokey cave to go out for some take out with my roommate, I sprayed the

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