Utah School District Installs Vape Detectors in Bathrooms

Vaping continues to make headlines around the country. Most recently, this attention has come from a string of health crises—including multiple deaths—all of which have been linked to vaping.

Now, vaping is once again at the heart of controversy. This time, in public schools located in Utah. Specifically, a number of school districts around the state are purchasing and installing vape detectors inside bathrooms.

Vape Detectors Showing Up in Utah Schools

As reported by local Utah media outlet 2 KUTV, a number of school districts in the state are trying to crack down on student vaping. To do so, these districts are buying and installing specialized detectors inside bathrooms.

These detectors are capable of sensing both cigarette smoke and vapor coming from vapes. Additionally, they can also reportedly detect escalated noise, in indicator of potential bullying or fighting.

Administrators at some of these districts said the detectors are there to protect students. Specifically, they said that vapes are almost exclusively the product of choice for high school students.

In fact, the principal at one high school with the new detectors said the has not confiscated cigarettes or smokeless tobacco from students for almost three years.

Additionally, many administrators at the school point to

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