Two People In The United States Have Reportedly Died From Vaping

Amid growing concerns about e-cigarette devices, a second death in America has been linked to vaping.

The death occurred in Oregon in July, the apparent result of a severe lung disease that health officials believe was caused by the use of a vaping device that contained marijuana. The victim’s name and age have not been released.

Officials at the Oregon Health Authority said the victim’s symptoms mirrored the respiratory problems seen in a growing number of vaping-related cases across the United States. More than 20 people throughout the midwestern U.S. were hospitalized last month due to breathing problems linked to vaping; in some of those cases, doctors originally diagnosed the patients with pneumonia. The symptoms of those affected by vaping have included shortness of breath, exhaustion, vomiting and weight loss, among others.

The news of the Oregon death comes after a person in Illinois died in late August due to a lung illness that was the result of an e-cigarette. The Oregon death is the first to be linked to a vaping device that contained marijuana, according to ABC News.

“We don’t yet know the exact cause of these illnesses – whether they’re caused by contaminants, ingredients in the liquid

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