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For the past six years, hundreds have walked into legal cannabis dispensaries for the first-time every day. One may open down the street, or you might drive to another state to check it out. Because they are essential businesses, it’s one of few places that you can visit right now. 

Many stores are seeing more customers as people stockpile to stay at home. No matter how much cannabis they have used before, the one thing all first-time customers share is an innate sense of unfamiliarity.

More than 95% of Americans live in areas where marijuana has been legalized to some degree. Over 25% live in states that allow recreational use. Canada has legalized recreational cannabis. The industry is seeing new businesses emerge, including grow operations, dispensaries and processing facilities. Better Buds are dedicated to serving you the highest possible standards.

Evaluate your eligibility and commitment

Lincoln Fish entered the medical marijuana industry in an effort to challenge hypocrisy.

“I was with most people. Lincoln says, “I thought, ‘These are drugs, and this is bad. Then, you realize how hypocritical marijuana is. Tobacco and alcohol are far more harmful, and far more addictive. Schedule 1 Narcotics, as per legal definition, are addictive and have been shown to have

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