The Real OLCC Scandal Is There Are Two Sets of Rules

We have been working with the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission incessantly since 2015, when rulemaking commenced for the adult use program. Over the years, we’ve dealt with many, many compliance-related issues, including Notices of Proposed License Cancellation to licensee clients from OLCC. We’ve also seen the Commission change its position and philosophy drastically on enforcement.

In the early days, OLCC emphasized “teaching compliance” and working with licensees who made mistakes—honestly or otherwise. We later saw a transition toward heavy-handed enforcement, as the Commission worked with the legislature in an effort to cull licenses.

The problem is, OLCC treats small businesses much differently than bigger outfits. We’ve been saying this on the blog for a while now (see here and here for example). And when I say “OLCC” please note that I am not talking about specific OLCC personnel. There are some great people at the Commission who are smart, work hard, and really care. This post is not for them.

Recent OLCC liquor and cannabis scandals

This year, OLCC and the cannabis industry are at a nadir with two-bit scandals. Things kicked off with reports of a shady land deal and escalated with revelations that the Executive Director, legislators

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