Talk of the County: Need downtown Waukegan location for cannabis dispensary – Chicago Tribune

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Waukegan finally gets it’s long awaited cannabis stores and in a brilliant move has decided to put the two of them in the same area. How stupid is that! And why both at Fountain Square and not one downtown where it could successfully generate business traffic (look at Highwood). Worst case scenario city hall doesn’t care about downtown, too empty, too old fashioned, too ethnic, too many people of color. Better to focus on Fountain Square the “New Waukegan.”

Question: If you’ve got public employees driving around why can’t they pick up the garbage? They see it on the main thruways. Why do we have the always call it in? They see the same things we do. So public works people, when you’re out working if you see it pick it up.


How about a nice article about the car wash on Lewis Avenue? I understand recently it was sold. It was owned by a family for over 80 years. How about mentioning it and having Steve Sadin or Charles Selle

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