Supervisors Approve Cannabis Dispensary in Thousand Palms –

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The Board of Supervisors Tuesday unanimously approved a cannabis retail outlet in the unincorporated community of Thousand Palms, the second dispensary in the area authorized by the board since June.

The distribution facility is planned in an existing 7,734-square-foot building in the area of Adelaid and Front streets, according to the Riverside County Transportation & Land Management Agency.

The owner, EEL, said only about 1,800 square feet will actually be utilized, though the entire building will be renovated as part of the project agreement with the county.

The outlet will provide on-site marijuana sales, as well as a mobile delivery service, available daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., TLMA said.

One member of the community, Thomas Black, complained in a letter to TLMA that the dispensary would be situated in a space where law enforcement services are minimal, creating security concerns.

However, representatives from EEL told the board that security guards would be on-site during hours of operation, and a camera surveillance system and burglary alarm would be active at all other times.

Supervisor Manuel Perez, whose Fourth District encompasses Thousand Palms, said EEL had “addressed concerns” that he and others had.

“I appreciate this project,” the

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