State’s marijuana commission delays decision on Craighead County … – Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

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The Medical Marijuana Commission balked again Thursday on deciding whether a rural Craighead County dispensary can move to Jonesboro.

NEA Full Spectrum, a medical marijuana dispensary located in Brookland, is seeking permission to move 9.9 miles to Jonesboro, but a competing dispensary is trying to block the move.

Crop Co., a Jonesboro dispensary, argues Full Spectrum’s proposed site runs afoul of state regulations as it would be within 1,500 feet of a facility that serves patients with developmental issues, and that the dispensary was given a license to serve patients in rural areas.

Lance Huey, chief operating officer of NEA Full Spectrum, said the dispensary could better serve its patients at a centrally located place in Jonesboro, near a highway interchange.

“All things funnel to Jonesboro, so a move nine miles down the road is not eliminating everybody or abandoning anyone,” Huey said.

Abtin Mehdizadegan, an attorney representing NEA Full Spectrum, said the legalization of recreational marijuana in Missouri has hurt the dispensary’s business. Mehdizadegan told the commission Crop Co. was acting like a monopoly trying to block

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