St. Louis Cannabis Delivery Delivers You From Not Having Weed – Riverfront Times

click to enlarge DANNY WICENTOWSKI A Doobie bag of delivered cannabis goodies from Jane Dispensary.
From a dispensary to your front door — that’s the promise of Doobie, St. Louis’ only cannabis home delivery service, which on July 22 marked its first day of ferrying orders to medical marijuana patients in the metro area.

While the service can feel at first like DoorDash for weed, Doobie presently connects patients only with products at Jane Dispensary (6662 Delmar Boulevard, University City; 314-464-4420). On a recent weekday, the service sent a shiny white van with ice-cooled bags of THC gummies to a residence in south St. Louis.

But actually getting a delivery of cannabis — which in this test case took about two hours from placing the order to receiving the product — isn’t quite as simple as firing up a food delivery app and scrolling through a menu from your favorite Chinese restaurant.

For one thing, as Jane general manager Jordan Everding explains, your delivery driver isn’t some stranger they’ve hired through an app. Instead, the entire process, from product to driver to vehicle, is controlled by the local

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