Social Justice Cannabis Brand EVIDENCE Launches With the Help of Damian Marley, Berner and Other Celebs

EVIDENCE, a new cannabis brand operating and running in the abandoned building of a private prison, just launched with the help of Damian Marley, Nabil Elderkin, Berner and other celebs and industry movers and shakers. The result is a cannabis company unlike any other. 

EVIDENCE took off just in time for Juneteenth and the 50th anniversary of the War on Drugs with a special collab between Marley and Nabil Elderkin, creative director of EVIDENCE. Elderkin is known for directing music videos for artists like Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Frank OCean, John Legend and Berner himself, and now, he’s released a special video for the new brand. 

The video was also produced by co-founder Dan Dalton, who is known as an activist and manager in the music community. The film sums up the message of EVIDENCE, which is all about social justice. They make a major point with their police-style evidence bags to package cannabis. This presents users with a hard-to-ignore metaphor for the War on Drugs and the plight people of color still face on a regular basis. 

The bags are not just a metaphor, but also a very real message. In order to help with the estimated 40,000 prisoners still serving time

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