Seven Point cannabis dispensary to also sell vinyl records – Danville Commercial News

DANVILLE — As construction continues on Seven Point Danville Cannabis Dispensary, CEO Brad Zerman says the design of the dispensary will make it a first of its kind cannabis and vinyl record shop.

“We’re planning on inviting record stores to participate in like a record exchange,” Zerman said. The dispensary would sell new records, but people and stores could bring in used records too, he said.

“We’ll see. We have to get that together,” Zerman said.

Zerman says he’ll be bringing in some of his own music, rock-n-roll memorabilia too, to have on display in an area in the dispensary, kind of like a Hard Rock Cafe. He said he will be bringing in items such as signed guitars from Pearl Jam, a U2 signed leather jacket and Rage Against the Machine signed cymbal.

“We’re working on some things to bring other music companies into the fray, however they participate, whether it’s a venue or merch from a venue or merch from something in Chicago or Indy. We’re working on stuff, but we need to get open and show how cool the whole vibe’s going to be in here,” Zerman said.

Zerman hopes to open the dispensary by April 20. Glass doors inside the

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