Seven marijuana dispensaries in progress in Saline –

There are no fewer than seven companies at various points in the application process to set up brick-and-mortar marijuana dispensaries in the city of Saline alone. The Saline City Council approved the penultimate stage in the application of one of those businesses on September 12 for High Society Dispensary to establish their location medicinal and adult use marijuana dispensary at 465 East Michigan Avenue.

“We’re establishing in a lot of different markets. Saline was definitely one of them that we wanted to get in touch with. We believe there is a high concentration of people who are cannabis consumers in the area, and [we’re filling that need],” High Society’s Aswem Zbair told the Sun Times News. When asked why they chose Saline, Zbair said “It’s a lack of cannabis vendors in the city. It’s just like a city that doesn’t have a bar, and people love going to the bar, so you want to open up a bar in the city.”

All they need now is a final site plan approval from the Planning Commission and they will be ready to set up shop. This could be their second location. They are also looking to expand in Lenox and East

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