School Districts Across The Country Are Filing A Lawsuit Against JUUL

As investigations into the cause of a nationwide vape-linked health crisis continue amid widening bans on vaping products, school districts across the country are setting their sights on JUUL Laboratories, the company that makes the massively popular JUUL e-cigarette device. School districts say JUUL is primarily responsible for the dramatic uptick in vaping among young people and teens, and they’re moving to sue the e-cigarette company for damages.

So far, four school districts have filed lawsuits against JUUL. School officials say responding to the widespread use of vaping among students has cost them considerable time and resources and caused record numbers of students to miss class due to disciplinary actions for nicotine violations. Three of the lawsuits also claim JUUL knowingly marketed its flavored e-cigarette products to minors. JUUL Labs has long-denied that it markets its products to teenagers. The company says its e-cigarettes are designed to help people quit using conventional tobacco products. So far, JUUL has not commented on the lawsuits from the school districts.

School Districts Could Kick off Wave of Lawsuits Against Juul

“As smart as our students are, they don’t understand the long-term ramifications of vaping and the amount of addictive chemicals they are dealing

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