Sativex to be Used in World’s First Brain Tumor Trial

Sativex, the cannabis oral spray, has been chosen to be used in an upcoming study in treating an aggressive type of cancer known as glioblastoma.

The Brain Tumour Charity, an organization that seeks to increase research to find cures for brain tumors, is asking to raise £450,000 to fund the Sativex trial, which will be led by Professor Susan Short of Leeds University. 

“We think that Sativex may kill glioblastoma tumour cells, and that it may be particularly effective when given with temozolomide chemotherapy,” she said. “…so it may enhance the effects of chemotherapy treatment in stopping these tumours growing, allowing patients to live longer. That is what we want to test in the study.” 

The study will include the recruitment of 232 patients in early 2022 chosen from approximately 15 different hospitals and cancer centers in the United Kingdom. To study Sativex’s effectiveness, researchers will administer two-thirds of the patients with Sativex, and the remaining one-third with a placebo.

Approved by the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) in 2009, Sativex contains both THC and CBD, and, using the entourage effect, has proven to be a potent medicine. It is already used for patients with multiple sclerosis. The medicine is known for its ability

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