Quebec Announces Rigid Regulations on Edibles Ahead of Federal Legalization

In June, the Canadian department of health released federal regulations for cannabis edibles, ostensibly legalized when the country’s voters authorized legalization last fall. Not everyone was pleased with Health Canada’s new rules, which instituted a maximum of 10 milligrams of THC per packaged product, and banned added sugars, sweeteners, and colors. “They’re proposing that we sell sand,” said Vancouver dispensary owner Jessika Villano when a draft of the regulations was made public in February.

But if people are unhappy with the strict federal regulations, one can only imagine how edible-loving Quebecers feel this week. On Wednesday, the state government announced its own regulations, and they turned out to be even more stringent. La Belle Province will not be allowing the sale of any sweet cannabis edibles at all. Add to that this think-of-the-children catch-all: no sale of “any other product that is attractive to minors.”

Other regulations include a cap of five milligrams of THC per solid cannabis product unit, a 10 milligram cap per package of solid product, and a five milligram cap per package of liquid product. Edibles are set to be legalized nationwide on October 17, but will likely not appear in retail outlets until mid-December, as

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