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Anyone in Collier County with a prescription for medical marijuana will need to either get it filled by mail or drive to Lee County for their medication.

Commissioner Rick Locastro told WINK News, the board is not behind the medical dispensaries coming to the county. Rather than discuss changing land codes to allow them, they came to an agreement by voting unanimously to ban them.

The idea of medical marijuana dispensaries in Collier County was snuffed on Tuesday.

“There’s a liquor store in every corner, there’s a vape store, there’s a cover bar on every corner they’re all selling synthetic cannabis. We’re talking about medical dispensaries coming in and selling lab-tested medical products for people who are suffering from debilitating conditions,” Nick Garulay, the founder and CEO of My Florida Green, said.

Patients can get medically certified at Garulay’s company, My Florida Green.

My Florida Green showcasing a QR code to “Help us remove the ban in Collier County for patient access. CREDIT: WINK News

Chad Taylor got referred to My Florida Green about four years ago.

“It was a game changer. I sleep better than I ever have slept before, my anxiety is next to

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