Portugal Parliament Ignites Adult-Use Conversations All Over Europe

The timing of the consideration of full adult-use cannabis legislation on the “West Coast” of Europe is sparking a renewed conversation about reform elsewhere in the region—and standards just about everywhere, including Portugal.

There will be, in retrospect, a great deal written about this period—generally and more specifically about cannabis reform in Europe. The pandemic, along with other long bubbling issues like the acceptance of medical efficacy of cannabis, has pushed the entire discussion of cannabis normalization into the front of political debates across national borders throughout the region.

The biggest trigger this summer, besides the now-looming recreational markets in Luxembourg and Switzerland, plus the reorganization of the Dutch market, is absolutely the conversation going on in Portugal at the moment. Namely, the country, which has had the most liberal approach to all drugs across the continent for decades, is finally deciding to regulate and normalize its cannabis industry at a recreational level.

Just the process of decision making, no matter the fate of the bill (although it is widely expected to become law) is going to have a fundamental impact on the entire normalization debate, both near and far from Portugal.

Why is Portugal Different from Luxembourg and Switzerland?

There are several reasons that

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