Police seize $10K worth of magic mushrooms from Winnipeg dispensary – CBC.ca

Winnipeg police say they seized $10,000 worth of psilocybin and found evidence of trafficking when they raided a business that called itself Manitoba’s first magic mushroom dispensary, as well as a home on Waterfront Drive, last week.

“Although I believe there is merit to decriminalization and I support that initiative, we need to be clear that decriminalization and drug trafficking are not one and the same,” Insp. Elton Hall of the organized crime unit said at a news conference Thursday.

“This is not a grey market. This is, by definition, the black market.”

Winnipeg police organized crime and drug enforcement officers arrested two people when they raided Magic Mush on Friday.

The 37-year-old man and 37-year-old woman are believed to be involved in the operation of Magic Mush, police said in a news release that provided more information Thursday.

The man and woman each face two charges of trafficking in a scheduled substance (psilocybin) and charges of possessing a scheduled substance for the purpose of trafficking (psilocybin) and possession of proceeds of property obtained by crime over $5,000. They were released with conditions.

This is one of the products that were sold at Magic Mush on Osborne Street in Winnipeg, which was raided last week. Insp.

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