Pierre, Ft. Pierre, Hughes take action on medical marijuana – The Capital Journal

Local ordinances are beginning to take shape as the South Dakota Department of Health nears its October deadline to promulgate statewide rules regarding medical marijuana.

The Hughes County Commission gave first reading on Monday to ordinances creating licensing and zoning provisions for dispensaries, though according to Ordinance 2021-10’s staff recommendation, it is unknown if a dispensary in Pierre would count as the one dispensary each county is required to allow under state law, as Hughes County “staff (have) heard different opinions.”

The ordinances taken up by Hughes County include a $5,000 licensing fee with a $2,500 reimbursement to applicants who fail to receive registration from the state Health Department and tentatively allow one dispensary to operate in the unincorporated territory of Hughes County, but no cultivation facilities, product manufacturing facilities or testing facilities.

The ordinances given first reading Tuesday by the Pierre City Commission, among other things, tentatively set the city zones in which certain medical marijuana facilities can set up shop. All four types of facilities — cultivation, dispensary, manufacturing and testing — can set up shop in the city industrial park, light industrial or heavy industrial districts, while dispensaries and testing facilities can set up in the central and local

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