Pennsylvania Lawmakers Approve Changes to Medical Marijuana Regulations

Pennsylvania lawmakers approved legislation last week that makes temporary changes to the state’s medical marijuana program enacted in light of the COVID-19 pandemic permanent under state law. The measure, House Bill 1024, also adopts recommendations from the state’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Board for new regulations that govern the program. A proposed amendment to allow home cultivation of medicinal cannabis by patients and caregivers, however, was not included in the final version of the legislation.

Under House Bill 1024, medical marijuana dispensaries will be able to continue offering curbside pickup of patient orders, a practice that was put in place in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Other temporary measures including increases in the daily purchase and personal possession limits from a 30-day supply to enough medicine for 90 days and the authority to certify medical marijuana patients via telemedicine appointments are also made permanent by the legislation.

Republican state Rep. Paul Schemel, the sponsor of the legislation, told local media that his bill puts medical marijuana “more in line with pharmaceuticals in a pharmacy. I’m supportive of that.”

The bill also opens up eligibility for employment in Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana industry to those with prior criminal convictions. Restrictions against those with misdemeanor convictions holding

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