PA Lt. Gov. John Fetterman Sees Legal Cannabis as a Common Sense Component for America

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman isn’t the typical American politician, with a demeanor and tone that often feels more authentic than the polished personalities on both sides of the aisle. Coupled with his 6’8″ stature and tattoos, Fetterman’s political approach is shaped by a civil service career that almost didn’t happen. Prompted by the gun violence deaths of two of his students, Fetterman ran for mayor of Braddock, PA, in 2005, winning by one vote

Today, John Fetterman is a champion of progressive policy reforms he considers common sense. Those rights include cannabis legalization and the end to the criminalization of the plant. With cannabis as a foundational component to his campaign, the Lt. Gov. is in the midst of a Senate run where he isn’t holding back on the policies he feels America needs to embrace. 

Always Pro-Weed, John Fetterman’s Beliefs Grow in Braddock

Unlike most American politicians, Fetterman says he never had an evolution on cannabis reform. “There was never a point in my life where I thought it should be illegal,” he stated, adding that Braddock was “undeniably formative” in showing him first-hand how destructive drug prohibition is. 

He believes it’s time American politicians admit they were wrong on the drug

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