Oregon’s New Cannabis Laws: 2021 Edition

The 2021 Oregon legislative session wrapped up on Sunday, June 27. Thus I am here with the traditional, annual update on all our new cannabis laws. This year, I count 10 passed bills that deal squarely with cannabis. Some of these bills already have been signed by Governor Brown, while others are still making their way to her desk. As a reminder, if the Governor doesn’t sign an enrolled bill within 30 days, it becomes law regardless. I don’t expect Governor Brown to veto any of these 10 bills, with one possible exception.

From an industry perspective, the session was notable for what passed, as much as for what did not. I’m going to start this post by covering two big bills that failed, and then we’ll move on to the winners.

Bills that Failed

HB 3112     Cannabis social equity

In my preview of this session back in January, I wrote “if we are ever going to see a cannabis social equity bill become law, this should be the year.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t the year. The reasons this bill failed are complex, but HB 3112 was killed behind the scenes after four months of fits and starts.

Every year that

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