Oregon Passes First-of-Its-Kind Cannabis Export Legislation

Marijuana may still be illegal at the federal level, but Oregon lawmakers are preparing for the time when that finally changes. Can weed join other Oregon exports like hoppy beer, gourmet coffee and the hipster lifestyle? State leaders are ready to find out.

Senate Bill 582, signed into law by Governor Kate Brown on June 20, “Authorizes (the) Governor to enter into agreement with another state for purposes of cross-jurisdictional coordination and enforcement of marijuana-related businesses and cross-jurisdictional delivery of marijuana items.”

This is the first such legislation in the nation, but the idea has been brewing in Oregon for some time. One of the bill’s chief sponsors, State Senator Floyd Prozanski, told Freedom Leaf last September:

“In 2017, my Senate Bill 1042, which passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee that I chair, was going to give the governor what I call a tool in her toolbox to be able to enter into compacts with adjacent, adjoining states that had marijuana programs, either or both medical and recreational, and allow for the flow of cannabis products across state lines. I believe that the quality and the strains we produce in the medical arena would be in high demand for

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