Oregon Officials Won’t Say Which Stores Allegedly Sold Deadly Vape Cartridges

An Oregon individual’s death has been linked to vaping products purchased from two of the state’s cannabis shops before falling fatally ill, but officials are staying mum about which stores exactly.

The state’s Health Authority has launched an investigation into the death, which occurred in July after the individual had developed a severe respiratory illness. Officials confirmed last week that they believe the victim’s death was linked to use of e-cigarette devices that contained marijuana.

Representatives for the Oregon Health Authority told the Willamette Week it’s unclear whether the victim died as a result of products sold from either of the stores. Dr. Tom Jeanne, a physician for the Oregon Health Authority, said he “would suspect that they are still operating, there’s nothing that I’ve heard that says they’ve not been.”

“We’re trying to get these specific products and have those tested rather than focus on the stores where they were purchased,” Jeanne said.

Oregon Health Authority spokesman Jonathan Modie told the Williamette Week that it would be unfair to identify either of the stores at this point.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean the individual got sick from products that they had purchased at these dispensaries, we just know that the

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