Oregon Cannabis Real Estate Sales

Buying and selling Oregon cannabis properties can be pretty interesting. We have helped negotiate and paper a ton of these sales going back to 2015 or so. At this point, our deal book includes everything from small commercial lots in the City of Portland (for retail dispensaries) to large sawmill properties in Southern Oregon (for hemp processing conversion). And that is to say nothing of the myriad other types of real property transactions we’ve handled, from various forms of commercial leases to more exotic instruments, like wrap-around mortgages.

Among lawyers and real estate agents who work extensively in the industry, it has also been interesting to see certain standards begin to emerge over the past few years, related to how cannabis properties are bought and sold. Here, I’ve compiled a brief, alphabetized glossary for anyone looking at one of these deals. As you read, assume I’m talking about non-hemp cannabis (aka “marijuana”) unless otherwise specified. Also, please note that this glossary is far from comprehensive: the idea here is simply to give a reference point to potential buyers and sellers.

Escrow. Given the absence of title company services in this area (discussed below) there are a handful of law

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