New HTTV Show Meet the Judges Introduces Cannabis Cup Judges

A new show debuting soon on HTTV is introducing viewers to some of the judges who decide the winners at High Times Cannabis Cup competitions. The new video series, Meet the Judges, launches this week with episodes shot at the Michigan Cannabis Cup held in June.

The new show breaks the long-standing tradition of keeping High Times Cannabis Cup judges secret, offering a unique perspective on the individual methods judges use to rate cannabis flower, concentrates, and other products based on established criteria. Jon Cappetta, vice president of content at High Times, says the new series sheds new light on the judging behind Cannabis Cup competitions.

“We wanted to open the curtain a bit to give the public more insight into who exactly these experts judging their products are, and what their process is,” he explains. “One of the most common questions I get about the competition is ‘How does one judge one product against another?’ and as you’ll see in the series each judge has their own technique, so we wanted to give the world a visual into how this all goes down.”

One of the initial episodes of Meet the Judges features Danny Danko, the High Times senior

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