New Danville Dispensary/Truck-Stop Proposal Wins Over Zoning Commission – Vermilion County First


ABOVE: Michael Mervis, left, and others (Seven Point of Illinois CEO Brad Zerman in back row on left) listen as Laura Jaramillo speaks about a proposal for a third cannabis dispensary and other development at Thursday’s meeting of the Danville Planning and Zoning Commission.

DANVILLE — A proposal for a cannabis dispensary partnered with a Casey’s truck stop and other potential development received the backing of the Danville Planning and Zoning Commission on Thursday night.

The request for a special-use permit now goes before the Danville City Council at its June 18 meeting.

However, if the city council doesn’t grant its approval, MariWorks LLC of Chicago and partner nuEra said they have also talked Tilton officials about another possible site, which would have only a dispensary, on vacant land near the Mach 1 truck stop on Georgetown Road off Interstate 74.

Laura Jaramillo, one of the owners of the social-equity license for a cannabis dispensary in Vermilion County and who works with nuEra, said the second possible site is due to a tight timeline; they have to tell the state by July how they will be using their dispensary license.


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