Napa County Votes Unanimously To Ban All Commercial Cannabis In The Community

Hold the joint, because it would appear that Napa County wants to stick with wine. On Tuesday, its Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to ban agriculture, processing, and sale of marijuana within county lines.

Representatives of wineries had voiced concerns that legal marijuana in the area would unfairly benefit from the reputation for quality that has been established by Napa County vintners. Some fretted that cannabis fields would ruin the picturesque landscapes for which the area is known. Others saw a potential issue in the difference between pesticides employed by cannabis farmers, and worried that if marijuana farmers declined to use certain bug killers that wine crops could be adversely affected.

This is not the end of the road for marijuana in Napa, however. The ban is seen as a stop gap that will be in effect until the government has the chance to craft exhaustive cannabis regulations for the area.

Napa County has deliberated over the issue of how to regulate marijuana within its jurisdiction since 2018, when California passed Proposition 64 legalizing adult use cannabis. Despite forecasts that growing weed in the area could reap $760,000 to $1.52 million in yearly tax revenue and healthy debate that took

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