MPP’s State-by-State Guide to Marijuana Legislation in 2019

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has issued its Progress Report of Legislative Updates for 2019. The best news of the year so far is legalization passing in Illinois and decriminalization in Hawaii, New Mexico and North Dakota. Here’s the MPP’s state-by-state breakdown, in alphabetical order.

Alabama to Georgia Alabama: Medical and decriminalization bills advance, but fall short; medical study approved Alaska: On-site cannabis use at regulated locations Arizona: Medical program improvements adopted; legalization doesn’t advance Arkansas: Decriminalization bill proposed, but dies; medical sales begin California: Numerous bills under consideration; legislature continues its work Colorado: Home delivery and hospitality bills enacted Connecticut: Bills to legalize, regulate and tax cannabis pass committees, but don’t receive floor votes Delaware: Legalization bill carries over to 2020; other reforms pass Florida: Gov. DeSantis signs legislation repealing the ban on smoking medical cannabis Georgia: Bill adds in-state access to low-THC medical cannabis Hawaii to Louisiana Hawaii: Decriminalizes the smallest amount of any decriminalization or legalization state Idaho: Decriminalization and hemp legislation dies; anti-ballot initiative bill vetoed Illinois: Land of Lincoln becomes the 11th state to legalize cannabis for adults Indiana: Marijuana policy reform bills introduced, but fall short Iowa: Medical-marijuana expansion thwarted by Gov. Reynolds Kansas:

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