Morristown Ponders Limited Welcome For Weed Dispensaries –

MORRISTOWN, NJ — Morristown officials have approached the topic of cannabis businesses with caution. Town Council appears likely to temporarily prohibit such establishments, but officials have expressed openness to allowing medical and recreational dispensaries in a limited capacity.

Since New Jersey legalized adult use of recreational marijuana, some towns have moved to completely prohibit cannabis businesses. Others will adjust their zoning rules to limit such businesses and designate them to certain locations within town. Although nothing is definite, Morristown is looking into the latter route, Council President Stefan Armington told Patch.

“We are in the process of establishing zoning a licensing legislation

for both recreational and medical, presumably combined in one
dispensary,” Armington said.

Officials haven’t decided on a general location.

What’s at Stake

Gov. Phil Murphy signed three bills into law Feb. 22 to legalize recreational weed for adults 21 and older. Cities and towns have until Aug. 22 to pass rules banning such businesses if they choose to.

But towns that miss the deadline wouldn’t be able to pass a similar ban until five years later, and businesses established during that time would get grandfathered in even if a towns implements such a ban in the future.

Town Council will vote Tuesday on an ordinance

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