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MONTEREY, Calif. (KION) Monterey City Council voted 4-1 to move forward with the road map to consider permitting three or fewer dispensaries. Among the locations were Old Town Monterey except for Alvarado Street, Cannery Row except for Cannery Row, Lighthouse Avenue and discuss the possibility of North Freemont.

“Tonight is not the night where you make a decision of where you want to put them,” said City Manager Hans Uslar. “Tonight is where we hope you give us the next step to explore where we want to put the commercial cannabis retailers.”

Monterey City Council discussed the possibility of having a cannabis retail location in the city for over 2 hours on Tuesday evening.

The resident survey came out with 70.8% from the postcard and 74.9% from online supporting limiting the number of permits in Monterey. The HdL Commercial Cannabis Retail Analysis reported that the market could sustain up to three locations in Monterey since there are currently 9 existing retailers on the Peninsula and 7 within 1.5 miles of North Freemont district.

Monterey’s touristic districts like Cannery Row and Old Town Monterey generate 5.8 million visitors as opposed to the nearly 60 thousand residents. According to the HdL

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