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CHENNAI: Besides the occasional pat on the head, a friendly “Who’s a good boy?” or the semi-regular helpings of leftover food, our stray dogs don’t get a lot of love. Especially when they are injured or sick. How many times have you seen one walking the streets with a large tumour pushing through its abdomen? How often have we chanced upon one nurse a wound that’s taken too long to heal? While most of us could care less or have little means to offer help, Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary has been working to address this gap for years. This time, it’s the parvovirus outbreak that has them busy.

An endemic virus that’s always around, parvovirus gets a fresh boost during periods of rain, begins R Sooraj Mohan, senior veterinarian at the Dispensary. This wave started around mid-June. “When a puppy is affected, it spreads through contact. We feel that the shower helped spread it to all the puppies in the area. We noticed a spike by the end of June and have had around 25 cases every day,” he reports.

While a viral infection isn’t something treatable, the dispensary offers vital support through fluids and drugs that

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