Mexico’s Senate Reconvenes While Cannabis Grows Nearby

The small garden of cannabis plants growing near Mexico City’s Senate building, reported this past March by High Times, has grown to a crop of more than 700 plants, some more than eight feet tall.

The garden has been planted and maintained by activists demanding the government act on the October 2018 Supreme Court ruling that states cannabis prohibition is over regulation that violates the right to freely develop one’s personality, forcing Congress into reforming five articles of the General Health Law, with a 90 day deadline.

“Unlike the U.S. or other countries who have begun to reform cannabis, Mexico is not driven by ballot initiatives, but by strategic human rights litigation,” said, Pepe Rivera, protest organizer and longtime hemp and cannabis activist in Mexico. “With the Senate reconvened on September 1, we are now awaiting ordinances.”

Though three deadlines have come and gone since the ruling, the latest given by the Supreme Court is December 15 of this year. And though the Senate approved a draft Bill for further discussion during its last session, work was suspended when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in April.

On that same day, the Mexican Cannabis Movement (MCM) called for a #Fumaton, a smoke-out

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