Mass. Police Seize Pot-Infused Candy Worth Hundreds of Thousands Of Dollars

Police in Peabody, Massachusetts are thanking residents for assisting in the seizure of what investigators say is hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of pot-infused candy. Peabody police have arrested Gary Cioffi, who they allege was in possession of several varieties of cannabis edibles branded as THC-infused Wonka bars, Nerds Ropes, Rice Krispies treats and more. Officials are citing the drug seizure as a sign that Massachusetts’ illicit cannabis market is still operating across the state. They’re also calling on parents to be extra vigilant about the Halloween candy their children come home with this year.

Counterfeit Cannabis Candy Seized in Small-Town Drug Bust

Peabody, Massachusetts is a small town of about 55,000 people, a solid half-hour drive northeast from Boston. But the counterfeit cannabis candy the town’s police department seized bears the mark of illicit products that have been circulating around the region for months. Back in June, for example, members of an Appalachia High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) task force intercepted packages containing several pounds of marijuana edibles. Like the candy seized in Peabody, the packages intercepted in Kentucky contained edibles with branding that closely resembled Nerds Rope candy.

Those products still contained clear warnings that they

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