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Colorado’s marijuana regulators have issued new health and safety orders over mold concerns, recalling marijuana products from over 75 dispensaries.

In two separate recalls announced on November 16, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division warns dispensary shoppers that marijuana flower, shake and trim from Angel Farms and Boone Farms could potentially be contaminated with mold, yeast and aspergillus, a specific strain of mold that can cause lung infections in some cases.

According to the MED, approximately 76 dispensaries across the state stocked or sold the recalled product, with dozens of stores listed in both notices. However, most of the recalled product has likely been consumed.

Dates of the recalled products from Angel Farms run from February 11, 2022, to September 4 of this year, while the Boone Farms recall stretches from July 28 of this year all the way back to November 13, 2020. A handful of retailers included in the recall, including Denver Dispensary and four Tweedleaf stores, closed in 2022 and 2023.

In the safety orders, the MED says that product from both operations “Initially passed contaminant testing, but subsequently failed retesting.”

All marijuana products from Angel Farms have the following license number on dispensary packaging: 403R-00953. All Boone Farms products have

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