Marijuana dispensary shut down in Fallbrook – Fallbrook / Bonsall Villlage News

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department conducted a raid Thursday, April 1, at an illegal dispensary on East Mission Road, resulting in three arrests.

The establishment was selling marijuana and products containing marijuana without a license. In the past three years, there have been three large raids on illegal marijuana dispensaries in Fallbrook and Bonsall.

There were eight deputies who participated in the latest raid, including Deputy Ethan Miedecke. Miedecke has been working as a narcotics deputy in Fallbrook for two and a half years. He was previously employed by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department in Vista for 14 years.

“They were a fully operational marijuana dispensary,” Miedecke said. “It is an open case, and code enforcement still has to do their process.”

During the raid, three employees were arrested, but the owner was not there to be arrested. At this time, the owner has not been arrested, he said.

“The employees did not seem rattled,” Miedecke said.

In California, the illegal selling of recreational marijuana is a misdemeanor. Legal marijuana dispensaries need to be licensed with the state of California and follow the laws and regulations, including the taxing regulations for marijuana. According to California NORML, a nonprofit membership

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