Man’s 15-Year Sentence For Cocaine Dropped After Lab Finds It Was Powdered Milk

In Oklahoma, a man has been cleared of cocaine charges after lab tests revealed that cops had grossly misidentified the substance they claimed was cocaine.

Although the man’s case has now been dismissed, he was still forced to spend multiple weeks behind bars. The case highlights numerous problems with current drug law enforcement and sentencing practices.

Cocaine Case Dropped

The entire incident started back on August 12. That night, a homeless man named Cody Gregg was riding his bicycle when cops tried to pull him over.

The officer involved claimed that Gregg did not have proper taillights on his bike. Further, when cops tried to stop Gregg, he reportedly “did not stop but started to pedal harder as if he was trying to get away,” police reports said.

Ultimately, cops chased him down and pulled him over. They then apparently searched his backpack. That’s when they discovered a coffee can containing a large plastic bag filled with a white powder.

“Inside the baggie was a large amount of white powder substance that I believed to be cocaine based on my training and experience,” the arresting officer said. “The white powder inside the baggy later tested positive for cocaine and was

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