Man Shot By Dispensary Owner During Attempted Burglary, Tulsa Police Say – KWTV

Tulsa police are investigating after a dispensary owner shot a man who officers said broke into the business.

Police said the owner of Bodega Boyz was staying the night in the business because it had been burglarized the night before.

The doors were boarded up, and a sign told customers that the dispensary Bodega Boyz, near 61st and Memorial, was closed on Friday. 

Police said early in the morning, someone wearing a ski mask broke into the business,

The sound of breaking glass woke the owner, who was sleeping inside the store. 

Police said the owner told them Bodega Boyz had a burglary the night before, so the owner and his girlfriend were staying the night there on guard.

“They armed themselves and fired upon the person breaking into the dispensary,” said Captain Richard Meulenberg.

He said the man was shot several times but is expected to live.

Meulenberg said under Oklahoma law, people have the right to use deadly force if someone tries to break into a home, business, or place of worship.

He said it’s up to the DA now to decide whether or not to file charges.

“The shooter in the business was not arrested, so we will gather info, work the case, and submit it to the district

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