Maine Unveils Draft of Recreational Marijuana Regulatory Structure

Maine voters approved a legal adult-use cannabis market back in 2016. But the state has struggled to actually get the industry up and running. While state lawmakers have fought to override vetoes on adult-use sales and a medical marijuana program expansion, Maine’s Office of Marijuana Policy has been crafting the regulatory structure the retail industry will follow. And in response to significant public interest and mounting pressure from lawmakers, Maine regulators have just unveiled the draft rules for the adult use industry. The rulebook gives Maine residents their first real glimpse at what their legal cannabis marketplace might look like. And if they don’t like what they see, they can provide feedback at an upcoming public hearing or online.

Maine is Giving the Public a Chance to Weigh in On Industry Rulebook

From licenses, tracking, and advertising to testing, waste management and fees (and everything in between), Maine just made a draft of its 74-page rulebook for the cannabis industry available to the public. The text represents roughly ten weeks of work by Maine’s Office of Marijuana Policy, an agency created in February to establish the regulatory framework for legal adult-use cannabis.

The Office of Marijuana Policy is partnering with

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