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An Ontario-based corporation has opened a magic mushroom dispensary in Winnipeg, as the under-the-table psychedelics market continues to grow across the country.

Magic Mush opened its doors earlier this month along the main drag of Osborne Street with an eye-catching storefront spray-painted with colourful mushrooms.

The general manager, who wished to remain anonymous, says there are two other locations in Ottawa and Toronto, Ont.

The legal grounds for operation in this province, he says, are a bit hazy.

“It’s a grey area. It’s allowed to run in B.C. and Ontario, so we’re just coming to take a chance here and hopefully, we can take a stand and open it up here, as well,” he said.

Health Canada says psilocybin, the naturally occurring hallucinogenic compound found in magic mushrooms, is currently listed under Schedule III of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. It is a restricted drug, meaning it has no approved medical use and its sale, possession and production are forbidden unless authorized for scientific, medicinal or research purposes.

A licence or an exemption is required to conduct activities with controlled substances, the agency said.

“However, Health Canada licences do not allow

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