Luxembourg Will Be the First Country in the EU to Legalize Cannabis Production

The tiny European country of Luxembourg is about the lead the European Union by becoming the first EU country to legalize the production and consumption of cannabis. Luxembourg has already legalized medical cannabis and decriminalized simple possession for the 614,000-plus people living there. The production, sale, and purchase of cannabis for recreational purposes is still illegal, but not for much longer.

On Wednesday, Luxembourg Health Minister Etienne Schneider confirmed reports that the EU nation is moving to legalize cannabis. Citing the failure of prohibitionist policies, Schneider also called on fellow EU member states to relax their own drug laws, especially as they pertain to cannabis. Luxembourg lawmakers are still crafting legislation to legalize the production and consumption of cannabis, but they plan to release a draft version later this year.

Luxembourg Confirms Plans to Legalize Cannabis

Details are only beginning to emerge about how Luxembourg plans to implement legal cannabis. Nothing regarding tax rates or regulations on the types and forms of cannabis that will be legal has been set in stone. However, early reports indicate that the EU nation is taking its cue from Canada and will cap legal possession at 30 grams. Luxembourg also plans to invest tax

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