Local cannabis dispensary pays for problem Fort Marcy sprinkler boxes – Santa Fe New Mexican

A local cannabis dispensary has stepped up to the plate twice for Santa Fe’s professional baseball team this summer.

The first instance created an unusual partnership between an industry that wasn’t legalized in New Mexico until April and, once announced, initiated a minor revolt from the team’s manager. The other was the company’s mission to turn the other cheek from that revolt and extend a helping hand with the team’s harsh playing conditions at Fort Marcy Ballpark.

Best Daze Dispensary, co-owned and operated by Santa Fe’s Eli Goodman, became the primary sponsor for the Santa Fe Fuego in June. The Fuego are one of 16 teams in the independent Pecos League and have called Fort Marcy home since the team’s inception in 2012.

The sponsorship, which Pecos League President Andrew Dunn said is one of the first of its kind between a professional sports club and a cannabis dispensary, calls for the Best Daze logo to be worn on the team’s caps, as well as placed on banners — all of which were stolen last week and replaced at the team’s expense — to be displayed around the park on game days.

Fuego manager Bill Rogan has refused to wear the cap all

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