Lifeline at Ground Zero: Cannabis Substitution Project

CANNABIS CULTURE – My name is Neil Magnuson, I am the founder and director of the Cannabis Substitution Project which is now in its 3rd year of providing free “care packs” of high dose Cannabis edibles to people on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, to offset and replace the use of opioids and street drugs that are killing people at an alarming rate for the past few years.

As a “rights activist” my concern is about freedom, with my goal being the recognition by governing bodies of the “natural rights” of every individual adult to be free. The attempts by governing bodies to prohibit or restrict access to Cannabis (and other plant and herbal  medicines) is the most obvious and glaring example of governments not respecting our natural rights, as Cannabis is one of the most benign, beneficial and valuable plants found in nature. Our natural rights are not bestowed upon us by others and they supersede and overrule laws and restrictions placed on us by these governing bodies. Natural rights allow for the freedom to do or not do as we choose as individuals as long as we do not harm others. They also come with a natural “responsibility”

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