Legalize Wheat Ale: The Dankly Delicious Blue Point Brewing Drink Released on 4/20

Between the legalization of cannabis passed by lawmakers in New York late last month and the subsequent 4/20 holiday earlier this week, weed lovers in the Empire State have had plenty to celebrate in April. But don’t fret if all the smoking, vaping, and edibles are slowing you down even though you’re still up for a party. Thanks to a new release from Blue Point Brewing on Long Island, New Yorkers now have a THC-free way to experience the essence of cannabis while enjoying a frosty ale.

With a healthy dose of alcohol and terpenes found in one of the most popular cannabis strains in history, Blue Point’s new Legalize Wheat Ale is sure to whet the taste buds of the most discerning canna-philes. Now available at Blue Point’s Long Island pub or for delivery throughout New York as part of special limited edition HopBox, Legalize Wheat Ale features the aroma and flavor profile of the infamous marijuana cultivar Pineapple Express.

“This dry-hopped wheat ale is laced with some seriously potent terpenes that will transport you to another state of mind. At 7.0% ABV, Legalize Wheat is dank and totally bodacious,” Blue Point Brewing asserts in a press release.

What Are Terpenes?

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